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Michael Ammar

Michael AmmarAmerikanischer Zauberkünstler. Mehrfacher Preisträger Internationaler Zauberwettbewerbe.

Michael Ammar gehört zu den Top Zauberkünstlern Weltweit. Seine Bekanntheit hat durch viele Lehrvideos erlangt.

Michael Ammar is from the small, coal-mining community of Logan, West Virginia. He was born there on June 25, 1956, the youngest of four children. His family operated numerous businesses, including Magic Mart (still in operation today), hotels and several Bonanza Steak Houses. It was assumed Michael would take over in the family business after receiving his business degree from WVU in 1978. But he wanted to follow his passion for magic. He swore he'd make it work.

Coming from a state that did not have one magic shop, the odds were stacked against him. It all started while he was reading a comic book and noticed an ad: "500 tricks for 25 cents!". He sent in his quarter and received a catalog in the mail. He began ordering tricks and practicing obsessively. Before long, he had a full magic show, complete with a powder-blue tux, doves and a teenage assistant. The local community, as small as it was, supported his efforts and booked him for local shows for birthdays, schools and group meetings. He found it was easier to get a new act than a new audience, which accounts for his large repertoire today.

While in college at West Virginia University, Michael developed a friendship with a few others involved in magic. He often performed shows in the University hang-out, "The Blue Tick Tavern".

In 1983, after much dedication and hard work, Michael entered the world magic competition "F.I.S.M." held every three years in Europe. He traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland and competed against magicians from 22 different countries. He won the Gold Medal for Close-Up Magic, only the second American in the 45 year history of the event to do so.

He began to publish his ideas in the early 80's. He published such titles as "Encore I", "Encore II", "Encore III", "Success & Magic", "Brainstorm in the Bahamas" and the ever popular, "The Topit Book". After FISM, he began to visit the West Coast and became close friends with his mentor, Dai Vernon, from whom he learned much. Vernon, or "The Professor" as he became known to the magic field, graciously wrote the introduction to The Topit Book.

It was during the 1980's Michael performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and the "It's Magic" show. He was seen by the talent scout for "The Tonight Show" in 1985, and was featured by Johnny Carson (himself a magician) on that show twice. He performed magic on "The Merv Griffin Show" ten times, and from there began to receive more recognition for his talent and appear regularly on television shows.

In 1990, Michael married Hannah in Austin, Texas. Hannah comes from one of the oldest families in magic, the "Willard the Wizard" clan, with over five generations of magicians! She is an integral part of Michael Ammar Magic, and if you've ever met Michael, you've probably met Hannah too.

On November 28, 2000, Michael and Hannah became proud parents with the birth of their first child, daughter Savannah Grace.

Since then, Michael has gone on to publish over 40 video titles, dozens of magazines and books, receive an unprecedented number of honors and awards, travel and tour over 38 countries, and maintain a full schedule of performing and speaking engagements for corporations and celebrities all over the world. In 1999, Magic Magazine named Michael as one of the "100 Most Influential Magicians of the Century".

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